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DomusLift Collection of Luxury Home Elevators

Add value to your home. Increase mobility and style to your house with the DomusLift residential elevator.

The Domuslift elevators are top of the line residential elevators offering convenience, luxury and accessibility in many different home environments. Their elevators rely on quality manufacturing processes which provide an innovative and safe residential elevator with smooth ride and unparalleled reliability. The rich selection of panoramic cabs, wood veneer, crystal and other first-class finishes provides luxury appearance suiting any décor.

These residential elevators are the best choice for architects, home owners and design professionals; they can be customized in size and style and are certified at the highest safety standards. Choose the prestige of an Italian brand which blends luxury style with an extraordinary user experience.

DomusLift has Endless Choices


The Classic residential elevator delivers luxury, convenience and comes with a variety of wood veneer finishes to suit your needs and give a traditional look to your home.


The interior glossy black steel walls of the luxury home elevator are spectacularly illuminated by a stripe of sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, creating the effect of a diamond cascade.

Art Limited Edition

For years, DomusLift has been dressing its royal mantle with new colors, shapes and lights. It is not a simply ornamental decoration, but the symbol of Italian art within your home elevator.

Art Line

Italian art and home design are combined in this decorative elevator. The DomusLift Art Line features precious laminated walls painted through the “frottage” technique. Get the latest inspiration ideas and have your residential elevator custom made to suit your home decor.

by Giugiaro Architettura

DomusLift has collaborated with the famous Italian brand, Giugiaro Architettura, for this innovative and hi tech elevator. The light system of the DomusLift comes in a range of colors that can be selected to achieve a variety of lighting moods, while the luxury touch screen control panel adds an elegant and stylish feature.


The sophisticated harmony of Art Deco’ inspired the DomusLift cab interior with a combination of glossy and matte tiles cut in different sizes, showing an innovative approach in laying mosaics. Available in different colors, you can choose from different designs, decorating ideas and create your own combination.
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